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[gmaps title=»Standard Google Map» address=»43.735197, 7.420878″ type=»roadmap» zoom=»14″ width=»970″ height=»400″] [gmaps title="Standard Google Map" address="43.735197, 7.420878" type="roadmap" zoom="14" width="970" height="400"]

[gmaps title=»Satellite Google Map» address=»London» type=»satellite» zoom=»14″ width=»780″ height=»400″] [gmaps title="Satellite Google Map" address="London" type="satellite" zoom="14" width="780" height="400"]

[gmaps title=»Hybrid Google Map» address=»London» type=»hybrid» zoom=»14″ width=»400″ height=»400″] [gmaps title="Hybrid Google Map" address="London" type="hybrid" zoom="14" width="780" height="400"]

Shortcode Description & Attributes:

  • title — sets the title associated with a content block.
  • address — valid address.
  • type — sets of map type (allowed values: roadmap, satellite, hybrid).
  • zoom — defines the resolution of the current view.
  • width — sets the width of your map (specify a size in pixels).
  • height — sets the height of your map (specify a size in pixels).

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