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Four Direction

[tooltip position=»top» text=»Tooltip on top» link=»#»]Tooltip on top[/tooltip] [tooltip position="top" text="Tooltip on top" link="#"]Tooltip on top[/tooltip]

[tooltip position=»bottom» text=»Tooltip on bottom» link=»#»]Tooltip on bottom[/tooltip] [tooltip position="bottom" text="Tooltip on bottom" link="#"]Tooltip on bottom[/tooltip]

[tooltip position=»right» text=»Tooltip on right» link=»#»]Tooltip on right[/tooltip] [tooltip position="right" text="Tooltip on right" link="#"]Tooltip on right[/tooltip]

[tooltip position=»left» text=»Tooltip on left» link=»#»]Tooltip on left[/tooltip] [tooltip position="left" text="Tooltip on left" link="#"]Tooltip on left[/tooltip]

Shortcode Description & Attributes:

The tooltip is a small “hover box” with information about the item, that appears when the user hovers the pointer over an item.

  • position — sets position of tooltip (allowed values: top, bottom, right, left).
  • text — add your information in box.
  • link — add your destination url here.

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